Lilacs in our garden, May 2006
The Humber bridge, close to where we live
Picture of the moon

The upper dark field is Mare Serenitatis and the one below is Mare Tranquillitatis. The big crater at the top is Posidonius and the sharply illuminated crater below on the edge of the view is Römer (click on the picture for larger size).


My granddaughter Ebba (click on the picture for full size)


I live in Hessle, a village a bit outside Hull in East Yorkshire with my wife Eve. However, my relatives and my work place is in Stockholm so I commute nearly every month, spending about a third of the time in Stockholm and the rest at home in Hessle. With a bit of planning I can do most of my work from my home in England, which is very fortunate.

My daughter and my son are now grown-ups and independent. I have got four grandchildren by my daughter - a source of great joy.


I was trained as an engineer and worked for a couple of years in an industrial semiconductor lab. I left it, travelled then a lot in Asia and Africa and went on to do a PhD in molecular physics at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). However, after the degree I left physics and engineering and worked with development research aid for some 15 years. The country I learned most about was Tanzania.

After that it has mainly been research administration. I have had the opportunity to be involved in a couple of big transformations of the Swedish and the European research funding structure, first the creation of the new research councils in Sweden in 1999 - 2000 and then preparatory work for the European Research Council in 2001 - 2003. I am now working as project leader for the Science Policy Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

In my own time

I build shipmodels. So far I have built from kits but for the next project I am considering to scratchbuild a small fishing boat from the Baltic. The model recently finished is the Norwegian 3 mast sailing ship Christian Radich in scale 1:100. You can see some pictures at the next page.

I am also a keen photographer and some of my pictures can be seen on my picture blog. Many more pictures can be found in my photoalbums on the web.

Recently I have become interested in astronomy and am now learning to find my way on the sky, looking for deep sky objects such as star clusters, galaxies and nebulae. And pictures of the moon when it is up and makes stargazing difficult (see picture to the left).


I am active in All Saints' Church in Hessle (anglican). To observe the daily prayer and weekly Sunday mass has become both a joy and a need. Two or three times a year I try to find an opportunity for a retreat at Östanbäck's monastry, a Benedictine monk monastry outside Sala in Sweden. It is a unique part of the Swedish church, observing the strict Benedictine tradition with seven prayers a day and daily mass.

Olle Edqvist

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